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Z43H Flat-plate Gate Valve

Z43H Flat-plate Gate Valve

It is a sliding valve. The closing member of this valve is a parallel flashboard. Its closing member can be a single plate or double plates with opening parts.
The clamping force of flat-plate gate valve with single plate is controlled by medium pressure. This medium pressure is from the floating plate or floating seat. However, the clamping force of the valve with double flat plates is from the opening parts in the middle of two plates.
1. This sealing shape of this flat-plate gate valve seat is o-shape. It adopts the pre-tightening force from the floating valve seat. Therefore, this valve has double sealing during the import and export of medium. And the opening and closing moment of this structure is only 12 of the common valve. So this valve can be opened and closed easily.
2. In the fully open, the channel of this flat-plate gate valve is smooth and straight. The flow resistance is extremely small. There is no pressure loss. The wool ball can pass though to clean the pipeline of the valve. 
3. This valve doesn't need to adjust often due to the adoption of self-sealing packing materials. The opening and closing of this flat-plate gate valve is very convenient. The assisting sealing grease is injected in stuffing box. It can ensure zero leakage. Therefore, the sealing is absolutely reliable. It solves the leak in packing place of the common valve.
4. When it is closed, flat-plate gate valve can unload the high pressure inside automatically. This can ensure the safety of operation.
5. This valve adopts fully-closed structure; the protective performance is well
So it can be used in the whole day.

Technical Specification

Design reference API
Design standard API 6D
ASME B16.34
Structural Length Flanged API 6D
ASME B16.10
Welded connection
Flanged ends ASME B16.5
Butt-welding ends ASME B16.25
Test and inspection API 6D
API 598

Major Parts Material Form

NO. Accessory name Material
Ordinary type Anti Sulphur type
1 Blowdown stops A105+Zn A276-304
2 Grease injection joint A105+Zn A105+Zn
3 Body A216-WCB
4 Disc A105+ENP A276-304
5 Seat A105+ PTFE A276-304+PTFE
6 O-ring NBR FPM
7 Stem A276-420 A276-304
8 Packing A276-420 A276-420
9 “Y” ring NBR FPM
10 Sealing shroud A276-420 A276-420
11 Indicating stem A276-304 A276-304
12 Gasket graphite+304 graphite+304
13 Bonnet A216-WCB A216-WCB
14 Stud A193-B7 A193-B7
15 Nut A194-2H A194-2H
16 Yoke A216-WCB A216-WCB
17 Stem nut C95500 C95500
18 Gland A105 A105
19 Hand wheel A536-64-40-18 A536-64-40-18
20 Indicating cover A276-304 A276-304

Main Size of Outside

Note: The major parts of the valves can be designed and selected according to actual work condition or customers' specific requirement.

Statement: this information is just for reference, for detailed information, please contact us.

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