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Needle Valve

The valve has a wide application. For example, the knob used to adjust the flame temperature is needle valve. It can be employed to flame cutting process. This product is a special valve which can be adjusted accurately.
Metering needle valve is an important part of meter measuring pipeline system. This valve mainly includes globe valve and ball valve. It is used to open or shut off pipe pathways. The sealing performance of needle valve is pretty good. And it has long service life. Even if the sealing surface is damaged, this valve can also continue to work only by replacing the vulnerable parts.
Sleeve meter needle valve has the advantages of easy installation; tighten connection, well fire & explosion resistance, anti-pressure, good sealing property, etc. It is a valve with advanced connection method. Therefore, this valve can be applied to power stations, oil refining, chemical equipment, instrument measuring pipeline, etc.

Parameters of Needle Valve:
1. Nominal pressure: PN2.5 PN4 PN6.4 PN16 PN32Mpa
2. Nominal diameter: DN5 ~ DN25
3. Suitable medium: oil, water, gas and other corrosive or non-corrosive medium
4. Suitable temperature:-20℃~ +440℃, -70℃~ -240℃, ≤ 540℃, ≤ 570℃, etc
5. Materials: # 20, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 304, 316, 316 L, 12 Cr1Mov, etc

Working Principle:
The function of any valve is to cut off the fluid. According to the difference of valve core, the valve can be divided into globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, etc.
Compared to other valve, needle valve can tolerate more pressure. The sealed performance is good. Therefore, it is used for smaller flow, high pressure gas or liquid medium sealing. It is the most suitable to use needle valve together with pressure gauge.

Installation Note:
1. The installation position, height, import and export direction must comply with the design requirements. The flow direction of medium should be the same with the arrow direction;
2. The needle valve must be inspected before installation;
3. Manual globe valve and ball valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline.

4. Needle valve has threaded connection, sleeve connection and welding. This kind of valve shall generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.