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Forged steel Valve Series

Description and Application:
This kind of valve is mainly used as cutting off or connecting medium. It can be applied to fuel-burning power plant. The suitable medium for this valve can be water, steam and other non-corrosive materials. Compared with other types of valve, this forged steel valve series have the special characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, unique seal design, etc. The sealing performance will be more reliable if the pressure is higher. Due to the unique technical characteristics and special working conditions, this kind of forged steel valve series have formed the special performances that other products cannot replace.

Forged steel valve series can be classified into forged steel check valve, forged steel gate valve, and forged steel ball valve and so on. It also includes self seal gate valve, self seal globe valve, self seal check valve, etc. There are other valves, such as forged steel needle valve, forged steel heat-preservation valve, forged steel bellows valve, etc.

1. You should first calculate the sealing capacity according to the valve size and category. Then the grease can be injected reasonably.
2. Greasing pressure should be come into notice when you use forged steel gate valves. Seal model and sealing material can influence greasing pressure. Generally, the greasing pressure of hard seal is higher than soft seal.
3. We should pay more attention to the switch when using forged steel valve series. Forged steel ball valves usually are opened during the maintenance. Forging steel globe valves must be closed when maintaining.
4. We should pay attention to pollution discharge and decompression problem when using forged steel check valves.
5. The valve diameter and the level of sealing ring are also important for forged steel valve series.
6. When the working medium for forged steel valve series is gasoline, you should add grease timely.

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