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Safety Valve Series

According to the working pressure, this valve often opens and closes automatically. Generally, it is installed on the closed system equipment or pipeline to protect the system security. When the pressure in the equipment or pipe is more than the set pressure in the valve, this safety valve series can relieve pressure automatically, which can ensure the medium pressure in the equipment and pipeline will be less than the setting pressure. Therefore, this kind of valve can also be called pressure relief valve or overflow valve. The equipment and pipeline can work normally under the application of this valve. Meanwhile, the occurrence of an accident also is prevented.

Function of Safety Valve Series:
This pressure relief valve plays a security role in the system. When the system pressure is more than the specified pressure, the safety valve series will open and pull part of the gas. Then the system pressure is not more than the allowable value, which can reduce the accidents caused by high pressure.

Classification of Overflow Valve:
According to the valve structure, this pressure relief valve can be basically classified into spring loaded safety valve and lever safety valve. Pulse type safety valves come into being with the needs of large capacity. It is also known as pilot operated safety valves.
In addition, with the different requirements of user, this overflow valve can be divided into closed safety valve and unenclosed safety valve. Generally, the former type is used for toxic and corrosive medium. While the later is used for avirulent or no corrosive medium.