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  • FT14 Lever ball float steam trapThis steam trap can be widely applied to large steam equipment, high pressure sterilization device, air conditioning, drying machine, various large heat exchanger, etc. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, food, paper making, metallurgical and other industries.
    The biggest advantage of FT14 lever ball float steam trap is that it is not subject to pressure, temperature and condensed water flow fluctuation ...

Steam Trap

This valve is a device, which can automatic discharge the condensate water in the steam equipment. It can also be called exhaust valve. Steam trap can accurate differentiate steam and water. At the same time, the open or close action will be permitted. The basic working principle of the valve is to use the weight difference and temperature of steam and water to discharge water.

This exhaust valve can be applied to all kinds of industrial production, such as the commercial facilities and residential facilities. The suitable media of this steam valve are also various such as gas, water, steam, compressed air, oil, and other media. However, in addition to these necessary media, there are still some useless or harmful medium mixed in pipeline and device. What's worse, these harmful medium also will continue to produce in the process of conveying. Therefore, the steam trap ensures the device's working efficiency and safety operation. The most important is these useless and harmful medium can be discharged timely. It only conveys the needed medium, which can reduce the consumption of the equipment. In the use of this exhaust valve, the condensate water can be automatic separated from the steam and be discharged outside. Therefore, this steam trap is actually a kind of automatic and energy saving valve.