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FT14 Lever ball float steam trap

FT14 Lever ball float steam trap

Structure Features and Usage:
This steam trap can be widely applied to large steam equipment, high pressure sterilization device, air conditioning, drying machine, various large heat exchanger, etc. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, food, paper making, metallurgical and other industries.

The biggest advantage of FT14 lever ball float steam trap is that it is not subject to pressure, temperature and condensed water flow fluctuation. This steam trap can go on drainage. Namely, it will be drained as long as there is water. Minimum subcooled temperature of this product is 0 ℃, which can make the heating equipment to achieve the best work efficiency; The seat of FT14 lever ball float steam trap is always below the liquid, which can form water block. This can avoid steam leaking. The lowest pressure is 0.01 Mpa and the biggest back pressure rate is more than 85%; the internal of FT14 lever ball float steam trap has air exhaust device. This device adopts automatic air exhaust valve. It can automatically exclude the condensate gas. It has the features of sensibility, high quality and long service life. The design of this steam trap adopts balanced double seat structure, which can achieve little big volume and large displacement. This FT14 lever ball float steam trap is especially suitable for resistance steam and drainage in large heating equipment and heat transfer station equipment. Adopted new SCCV closing mode the new type valve has excellent sealing and durability. Bimetallic strip automatic air discharge valve is installed inside the FT14 lever ball float steam trap. It can prevent air blocking and vapour locking. All components are installed on the valve cap. It is needless to unload the valve from pipe when you have maintenance. It is simple and convenient.

Working Principle:
The FT14 lever ball float steam trap employs double valve hole, which can reduce the valve pressure relatively. Then you can achieve a large displacement. The ball fluctuates with the liquid inside the valve. This can drive the lever to open or close the seat. Because the seat hole is under the condensate water, it can form the water seal. Water and steam can be separated naturally.  Then it reaches no steam leaking.

Performance Index of FT14 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap:

Technical Parameters of FT14 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap:

Nominal pressure PN16
PMA Maximum allowance pressure 16bar g @ 120℃
TMA Maximum allowable temperature 250℃ @ 13bar g
TMI Minimum allowable temperature   -10℃
PMO Maximum operating pressure 14bar g
TMO Maximum operating temperature 250℃ @ 13bar g
TMIO Minimum operating temperature 0℃
△PMX Maximum differential pressure FT14-4.5 4.5bar
FT14 -10 10bar
FT14 -14 14bar
Maximum cold hydraulic test pressure 24bar g

Component and Material:

Component Material
Valve body, valve cover WCB
Floating ball stainless steel

Connecting Dimension of FT14 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap:

15 121 107
20 121 107
25 150 107

Water Discharge of FT14 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap:

Installation and Use Instructions:
1. The pipelines of FT14 lever ball float steam trap must be washed before installation;
2. This steam trap shall be installed horizontally. The pipeline direction should be maintained a bit downhill of the steam trap direction before injecting water. It can avoid steam locking. The flow direction of its body must be lined with the flow direction of frozen water;  
3. When you install FT14 lever ball float steam trap, the machine should be put as close as possible to heating equipment. And the pipe diameter can not be less than the nominal diameter of the steam trap;
4. This machine should be installed at the end of the pipeline;  
5. Various steam traps should be installed respectively to avoid steam resistance and achieve well heating effect;
6. If you stop sending steam for a long time, the water in FT14 lever ball float steam trap should be discharged; 
7. The valve should be installed in each steam trap. It is appropriate to choose gate valve. It is convenient for repairing the trap FT14 lever ball float steam trap.

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