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YD43H Diaphragm Reducing Valve

YD43H Diaphragm Reducing Valve

DP17/DP17G Diaphragm Reducing Valve

Feature and Application:

The performance of this reducing valve has been improved greatly than the ordinary pressure reducing valve. The new mebrane is adopted on DP17/DP17G diaphragm reducing valve and the work area is increased greatly. Therefore, the subtle change of valve upstream pressure or downstream load can be feedback accurately and timely to the main valve diaphragm. Then the main valve opening of DP17/DP17G diaphragm reducing valve can be adjusted to ensure the stability of the downstream pressure. Another prominent feature of this product is that many pilot valves can be installed on the same DP17/DP17G diaphragm reducing valve at the same time. Under the stable pressure temperature control, upstream pressure control, remote switch control and others can be realized.

Performance Index of YD43H Diaphragm Reducing Valve:

A-D-E: thread connection or flange connection EN 1092 PN25, ANSI 300LB.
A-B-C: flange connection ANSI 150LB.
F-F:DP17G maximum operating temperature 120℃.
Note: the pressure regulating range of this series of products is 0.2-1.7bar g.

Technical Parameters of YD43H Diaphragm Reducing Valve:

Nominal pressure PN25
PMA Maximum allowance pressure 25bar g @ 120℃
TMA Maximum allowable temperature 232℃
TMI Minimum allowable temperature -10℃
PMO Maximum operating pressure 17bar g
TMO Maximum operating temperature DP17 232℃
DP17G 120℃
TMIO Minimum operating temperature 0℃
Outlet pressure(bar g) 0.2-1.7
Maximum cold hydraulic test pressure 38bar g

Component and Material of YD43H Diaphragm Reducing Valve:

Component Material
Valve body, valve cover WCB
Valve seat 2Cr13
Valve clack 2Cr13
Stem 2Cr13
Mebrane 316
Adjusting spring 60Si2Mn
Valve spring 50CrVA

Flow Coefficient (CV):

DN 15 20 25 32 40 50
CV 2.5 5.5 8.1 12 17 28

Connecting Dimension of YD43H Diaphragm Reducing Valve:

15 2001-1-2 147 221 133 185
20 2001-3-4 154 224 136 185
25 1 160 235 145 207
32 2001-1-4 180 236 156 207
40 2001-1-2 200 238 176 255
50 2 230 246 183 255

Statement: this information is just for reference, for detailed information, please contact us.

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